Here is a shout out to the shopkeeper at Waleska Food Mart!

Convenience Store and Gas Station

Waleska Food Mart and Valero Gas Station is a convenience store and gas station. The store has food, drinks, and other items typically found in this type of shop. They also serve hot food.

When I stopped there today, I bought 4 chicken tenders. They were 4 big pieces of chick breast meat served steaming hot and delicious. I could only eat 3 of them before I got really full and couldn’t eat the last one.

Friendly and Fast

The shopkeeper and his helper were friendly and served up the food quickly and check out was super friendly and fast.

When the shopkeeper learned that I’m a local real estate agent selling new homes in nearby Jasper and Canton, he told me to leave a stack of my business cards on the counter. He wants his customers to know about the new homes!


The shop and gas station is located directly across from Reinhardt University at the intersection of 108 and 140. It’s right there at the 4 way stop sign.

Waleska Food Mart on YouTube

I made a YouTube video after my experience at Waleska Food Mart. Check it out here:

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