My Health and Nutrition Journey

I know it is possible to reverse both cancer and diabetes with nutrition and I hope you experience good results in your efforts to get and stay healthy.

Health & Nutrition - John Marion

I beat cancer with nutrition. I almost had chemo treatments but just prior to it starting I learned that sugar feeds cancer.

Here are links and resources that I hope you will find helpful.

Listen to my Health and Nutrition Story

I told my story on a podcast with Dr Brian Lenzkes.

Life’s Best Medicine with Dr. Brian Lenzkes Links to podcast and YouTube episode.

Health & Nutrition Blog Posts

Below are blog posts and social media content, including links to some of the doctors I have followed on social media.


My Health Journey Reversing Type 2 Diabetes With Nutrition


Below are some of the books I have read that you may find helpful. I am including Amazon affiliate links so if you make a purchase of any of the books by clicking the link I have provided, Amazon will pay me a small amount which I will use to keep maintaining my health and nutrition content available online.

Beating Cancer with Nutrition

Health book, Beating Cancer with Nutrition

Beating Cancer with Nutrition by Patrick Quillin (Amazon affiliate link)

Stay Off My Operating Table

Health book, Stay Off My Operating Table

Stay off My Operating Table by Dr. Philip Ovadia (Amazon affiliate link)

Social Media Resources

Medical, Health & Nutrition on Twitter / X and YouTube

Here are links to some of the Twitter / X and YouTube accounts that I have found helpful.

Suneel Dhand MD

Dr. Dhand helped me when I was sick with Coronavirus. Two thumbs up! Thank you Dr. Dhand.

Dr. Jason Fung

Dr. Fung’s lectures on intermittent fasting is fascinating. It was all new information to me when I began my research on reversing Type 2 Diabetes.

Heart Surgeon Dr. Philip Ovadia

I discovered Dr. Ovadia while trying to learn about metabolic health.

Ken D Berry MD

Dr. Berry caught my attention when I started to realize that eating meat is actually healthy.

Brian Lenzkes, MD

My connection with Dr. Lenzkes started on Twitter and he asked me to be on his podcast, Life’s Best Medicine.

Life’s Best Medicine Podcast

I was a guest on Life’s Best Medicine with Dr. Brian Lenzkes. Click this link to go to their website to watch or listen on various platforms.

Robert Lufkin MD

Elie Jarrouge, MD

Dr. Sten Ekburg

Dr. Ekburg has a many videos about reversing diabetes and nutrition.

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