Are you getting phone calls from 678-596-4444?

Update 2

January 30, 2017 – Mr. Welds was escorted back to my office by a Cherokee County Sheriff. It turns out he is in fact an actual Field Representative with the United State Census Bureau.

I learned that he is authorized to gather certain data that is voluntary for us as agents to provide. But since the information he asks for is private information about a real estate transaction, I can’t simply provide that information to a random person who calls on the phone saying they are with the government.

The approach seems like a scam to me on the first encounter.

Update 1

January 30, 2017 – I met William A. Wells, Field Representative for the U.S Census Bureau.

Mr. Wells came to my office to ask me to take down this post.

His unprofessional demeanor and attempted intimidation was enough have us file a report to the Cherokee County Sheriff. The fact that he claims that his actions are “authorized by the United States Congress” did not intimidate anyone in my office to suddenly provide private information about real estate transactions. But the encounter reinforced the impression that this might be a scam.

Census Bureau Field Representative

According to the U. S. Census Atlanta Region website (, a field Representative “Will provide you with a letter from the director of the Census Bureau on U.S. Census Bureau letterhead.”

I have asked Mr. Wells to provide such a letter via U.S. Postal Service.

Business Card William A. Wells

Calls and Office Visits

January 7, 2016 – The person calling from 678-596-4444 claims to be a government agent and spends a lot of time trying to track down information about a real estate transactions.

He even stopped by a local real estate office seeking information about an agent who worked at a different office with a competing broker.

Census Bureau Agent

The caller claimed to be an agent with the U.S. Census Bureau. In the phone call he referred to an act of Congress and Presidential policies to bolster his claim that he has a right to get certain personal information.