What is the difference between a modular home and a mobile home?

Here is how a modular home is different from a mobile home (also now called a manufactured home depending on when it was made).

In short, a modular home is a normal stick built house that is built in sections in a controlled warehouse environment. It is shipped to the home site and secured in place and cannot be moved again.

On the other hand, a mobile, or manufactured home, is specifically built to be moved. It’s built on a frame with an axle and wheels to accommodate any future moves. These homes are sometimes also called “trailers”.

Mobile homes are not eligible for a typical mortgage home loan, while modular homes can be purchased with a home loan available from mortgage lenders.

Another way of looking at this is the say a modular home is a HOUSE while a mobile home is VEHICLE.

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My first modular home project was in Manassas, VA. The modular home replace a burned out home. To read the story of this project and view the photos visit:

Here is some good information from the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, Inc. (InterNACHI):

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