Investors create value in real estate by renovating properties in disrepair. Houses that need many repairs are often referred to as a “fixer upper”.

Houses in Disrepair = Big Profits

Real estate investors actively search for houses that are in need of significant repairs.

In most cases, big profits can be made by investors with a fixer upper property that has neglected maintenance.

House Renovations

Investors create value in the real estate market by performing renovations on houses make use of qualified contractors, tradesmen, and construction work crews.

Scope of Work

Renovating a fixer upper house requires developing a comprehensive scope of work.

A scope of work helps investors run the numbers associated with the renovation costs.

Cost Overruns

A complete home renovation project can often turn up some surprises during the process of making repairs. The wise investor will always include a line item to cover cost overruns.

Rehabbing Real Estate

Rehabilitating distressed properties is a specialization for some investors.

These investors are often called “rehabbers” within the real estate investment community and the process of repairing houses in disrepair is called “rehabbing”.


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